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 / February 10, 2016

As posted on the "The Crier-Hear to…


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Thank you for volunteering for my Burn Scar Therapy workshop

Thank you to the burn survivors and massage therapists that made the Myofascial Scar Release for Burn Scars workshop a success and a rewarding experience for all! You've all motivated me to keep working to bring massage to ALL burn survivors. My mission:

1) get more research on massage& burns

2) get insurance to pay for massage for burn survivors

3) get massage into the hospitals for burn patients. They shouldn't have to wait months or even years to start 



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Recommendation of Free Massage from Kate Peck

I had my first of three massages by Kate Peck at Journey to Health and would heartily recommend your participation if you are in the New England area.  Kate has a healing touch, a beautiful aura and real concern and compassion for burn survivors. Her ultimate goal is to research the benefits of massage on burn survivors. I believe in alternative forms of relief for pain and discomfort...her research project is another way to advance treatment for burns.

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Burn survivor Carmen Tarleton has facial Surgery

We are thrilled to learn that Carmen Tarleton's facial transplant surgery has gone well. We are blessed to have her and Dr. Pomahac (who was the lead surgeon for the procedure) in our network. While the lead sentence in the article implies that disfigurement is a primary motivation for facial transplant, the many functions that a full face provides, eye lids, lips, nose are of huge importance to survivors with major facial injuries.…


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Vermont Burn Survivor Carmen Blandin Tarleton's book due out this Spring

I recently had the good fortune to preview Carmen's book and I believe it will prove inspiration and good read.  The title is "Overcome, burned, blinded and blessed."  The website for the book and Carmen's blog can are at:

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Station Night Club Survivor Rob Feeney with the National Fire Protection Association

Active BSofNE and Phoenix Society member Rob Feeney discusses his journey the Station Club Fire to his current advocacy work:

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Burn survivor models for UK clothes retailer Next


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Merlin German had a vision to help burned children and theirfamilies. Read this tribute to Merlin -a soldier and the founder of Merlin's Miracles. Merlin German Tribute.pdf

To visit the Merlin Miracles website, click : Merlin Miracles…


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A Letter From the Phoenix Society's Executive Director, Amy Acton

A Letter From the Phoenix Society's Executive Director, AmyActon

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Poem by Julia Rose Young, World Burn Congress attendee (via Monteiro Scholarship)

The following poem is by Julia Rose Young, World Burn Congress attendee (via Monteiro Scholarship)

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A Thank You Note From Karen LaBonte

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Burn Survivor, Bobby Henline Featured in Readers Digest

            Burn Survivor, Bobby Henline

             Featured in Readers Digest…


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The power of WBC scholarships


    Please click :

World Burn Congress - Thank You from Catherina.PDF

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Lesson Learned

After over 9 years of my husband being a 3rd deg 50 percent burn survivor, life went on and the worst was behind us, or so we thought. 11 months ago he got splinters in 2 fingers. Because he was treated 2 hours away at Bridgeport Burn Unit, he opted to go to a GP to have the splinters removed. Although his entire hand was grafted, who would think for a minute you would need a burn surgeon for something so minor. When the fingers began to get worse, we made the trip to the burn surgeon who… Continue

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Dr. Bohdan Pomahac made Boston a face-transplant leader

With drive, diplomacy, and heart, Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, a young and unproven surgeon, made Boston a face-transplant leader. CLICK BELOW LINK FOR FULL ARTICLE:

Surgeon’s drive behind push for face transplants -…


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Behind the Scars: Robert Henline

Someone once said that comedy is about telling the bitter truth with a sense of good timing. "I was blessed with a good sense of humor," Robert Henline tells me. " Click here for the full story:

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Hiring In-Home Help

Click the link below to read the article "Hiring In-Home Help" posted by the National Center on Caregiving:

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